Analytical Equipment

ICP-MS, Element 2

ICP-MSInductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) is an analytical technique used for elemental determinations.  We are equipped with a Thermo Scientific ELEMENT 2, a high performance, double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS.  Aerosol samples are transported into the core of the inductively coupled argon plasma which generates temperatures of 600-10000 degrees C, where they are completely desolvated and ionized. The resultant ions are separated and collected by mass to charge ratios.  The multi-elemental detector has the speed to handle transient signals such as those from laser ablation.  It can measure elements across the periodic table from mg/L to sub pg/L concentration ranges.  We are equipped to run solution and laser ablation analyses.  Our laser is a 193 nm Excimer laser from Photon-Machines for the ablation of any type of solid sample with no sample preparation procedures.

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