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The right to own land is one of the founding principles of our country. But guaranteeing that right would not be possible without some means of demarking a land parcel, recording the shape and location of its boundaries, documenting its’ ownership, and preserving all of this information in a form that is permanent, accessible and unambiguous. Geomatics serves these vital needs, and others, by blending land surveying with Geographic Information Science, cartography, remote sensing and spatial analysis. The curriculum in Geomatics includes 24 hours of course work in surveying. Together with other required courses and electives, the program meets State of Illinois requirements for taking the surveyor in-training examination and pursuing a career as a licensed professional land surveyor.

Geomatics professionals are commonly employed by: civil engineering, environmental engineering, and engineering consulting firms; land surveying firms; local governments; state and federal resources agencies; resource exploration and development firms - including renewable energy developers; large construction and development firms, and utilities. Students completing the degree in Geography with an emphasis in Geomatics may also pursue graduate degrees in geography, geodesy, surveying, and select fields in engineering.

The major in Geography with emphasis in Geomatics consists of 32 semester hours of required course work in surveying, mapping, and the environmental and human traditions of geography, and 9 semester hours of electives chosen from among courses in surveying, remote sensing, and land management/planning. Students with career interests in land surveying are encouraged to develop additional analytical skills through the Certificate in GIS. Class sizes in courses required for the Geography major average between 35 and 50, while enrollments in Geomatics electives are often between 10 and 20. Northern Illinois is vibrant and complex region and an ideal setting for the learning and observing the range of geomatics applications. Our location - adjacent to the Chicago and Rockford metropolitan areas - provides unparalleled access to internship, work-study, and other career development opportunities.

Undergraduate Coordinator Thomas Pingel

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