Undergraduate Studies

Department of Geography URAPs




  • Ashley, Walker, Weather Casualties in the United States, 2000-2009
  • Chen, Xuwei, Activity-based Travel Patterns in the Chicago Metropolitan Area
  • Luo, Wei, Land Surface Dissection Pattern at Different Spatial Scales
  • Luo, Wei and John Hartmann, An Interactive Google Map of Tai Placenames with Geotagged Photos



  • Ashley, Walker, Contribution of Severe Weather 'Outbreak' Events to the Overall U.S. Hazard Climatology
  • Goldblum, David, Evaluating geographic variability of CO2 assimilation and photosynthetic potential of sugar maple seedlings from three distinct populations in light of climate change
  • Luo, Wei, Empirical Model of Land Surface Dissection Using Pattern Recognition


  • Ashley, Walker and Mace Bentley, Spatial Analysis of Weather-related Fatalities in the U.S." Kenneth Chmielewski, Victor Gensini
  • Bentley, Mace and Walker Ashley, The Development of an Annotated Bibliography of the Climatology of Severe Weather" with Josh Barnwell and Ryan Coomer


  • Ashley, Walker, Spatial and Temporal Analysis of U.S. Tornado Casualties" Victor Gensini
  • Ashley, Walker,Windstorm-induced Casualties in the United States, 1960-2005"; Alan Black (published: http://ams.allenpress.com/perlserv/?request=get-abstract&doi=10.1175%2F2007JAMC1689.1
  • Bentley, Mace, A Meteorological Assessment of the Most Hazardous Lightening Days in Georgia, 1992-2003
  • Blue, Sarah, Labor Recruiting and Latino Migration to Northern Illinois.
  • Changnon, David, Temporal and Spatial Changes in the Location of Widespread Heavy U.S. Snowfalls:  What do cyclone tracks tell us?


  • Rigg, Lesley, Distribution of Metals in Tree Cores Associated with Ultramafic Soils in New Caledonia
  • Song, Jie, Modeling the Urban Heat Island
  • Song, Jie, Searching for the Natural Limit in Photosynthesis Rate with Abundant CO2


  • Bentley, Mace, Development of a Descriptive Lightning Strike Climatology for the State of Georgia, 1992-2002
  • Changnon, David, Increasing Midwestern Dew Points: What is all the “sweat” about?
  • Young, Phil and Andrew Krmenec, Integrating GIS into Illinois K-12 Geography Curricular Standards


  • Konen, Michael, Prairie restoration impacts on soil properties at Nachusa Grasslands.
  • Rigg, Lesley, Growth rate analysis of competing tree species in the deciduous/boreal forest ecotone using dendrochronology.
  • Rigg, Lesley, The regeneration and persistence of a rare and endemic conifer, Araucaria Laubenfelsii, in both shrubland and rainforest in New Caledonia.
  • Song, Jie, Evaluation of air-surface exchanges in energy and water vapor.


  • Bentley, Mace, Complex controls on the distribution of lightning characteristics and property damage in an urbanized region.
  • Changnon, David, The summer 2001 soybean aphid migration across the Great Lakes Region: are there weather reasons for this?
  • Luo, Wei, A web-based interactive landform simulation model.
  • Song, Jie, Exploring the nocturnal low-level jet in the Midwest.
  • Young, Phil and Wei Luo, Building a GIS virtual notebook.


  • Bentley, Mace, An update to the climatology of derecho-producing mesoscale, Convective systems in the eastern United States for 1995-1999.
  • Konen, Michael, A comparison of soil properties in cultivated, restored, and never-cultivated soils at Nachusa Grasslands.
  • Luo, Wei, GIS mapping and analysis of Tai linguistic geography of southern China." (with John Hartmann)
  • Rigg, Lesley, Characterization of the natural light environment for oak seedlings in a northern Illinois woodlot.
  • Song, Jie, Exploring the nocturnal low-level jet in the Midwest.
  • Song, Jie, Where is the top of the atmospheric boundary layer?