Department of Geography (GEOG, MET)

Geography and Meteorology are two of the oldest human environmental sciences. To our early ancestors, simple questions like "does that dark cloud indicate a coming storm?"; "will I find similar foodstuff over the next hill?"; and "where was that trading post?" were often matters of survival. Though the questions human cultures face today are far more complex, Geography and Meteorology remain practical sciences focused both on understanding our world and on helping humans adapt and persevere.

Geography is the study of place and location, why things are located where they are, and how the characteristics of a location affect natural processes, the environment, and human activities. Yes, Geography is about maps, but it really is a great deal more!  The undergraduate degree program has two separate emphases: Geography and Geomatics. The emphasis in Geography has four areas of specialization: Area Studies-the geography of people, places and regions; Geographic Information Systems-blending mapping science and information technology; Natural Environmental Systems-environmental science with human impacts; and Urban/Economic Systems-how we organize and inhabit our world. You can earn the B.S. or B.A. degree with an emphasis in geography by selecting electives from any one of these areas, or by sampling across our entire curriculum. The emphasis is Geomatics is a preprofessional program in land surveying, GIS and mapping science. The department also offers an undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and a minor in Geography.

Meteorology is a physical science involving study of the atmosphere and its interaction with the earth's surface, oceans, and living things. Whether you have your head in the clouds or are simply intrigued by the impacts that weather and climate have on our daily lives, meteorology may be the major for you. Our BS degree program in Meteorology is modeled after National Weather Service and American Meteorological Society standards and includes elective coursework in weather analysis and forecasting and applied climatology. Click on the meteorology icon to the right for more information.

Undergraduate Coordinator Thomas Pingel
MET Undergraduate Coordinator David Changnon

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