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GEOG 467/567 Workshop in Cartography (3)

This independent study course is centered around the design and production of a real-world map product using the graphic arts software Adobe Illustrator. The semester is divided into two parts. The first 25% is spent completing a tutorial on the use of the software to produce a simple map product, during which time you will learn the basics of Illustrator The remaining 75% is spent designing and producing a more involved mapping project of your own choice, working closely with the instructor to develop an interesting and useful product. This product may be as small as 4"x6" or as large as 24" x 36", and it may be designed as a flat map, folded brochure, or small booklet. You are encouraged to find a company, organization, city or county government agency, or even a private individual for whom you can provide a needed map product. The ultimate goal is to work with the client to actually get the product printed commercially. The printing of the project, if it occurs, does not have to be done during the semester and does not affect the grade. Not only will you gain valuable experience in designing and producing the map itself, but you will also gain experience in dealing with real-world clients and fine tuning the product to meet their needs. Your grade is not adversely affected if you do not work with a real-world client

PRQ: GEOG 256 and consent of Instructor / Department.
May be repeated to a maximum of 6 semester hours.

Sample GEOG 467/567 Workshop in Cartography Student Projects