MET 300: Fundamentals of Meteorology




Calculus I, MATH 229; Physics I, either PHYS 253 or 210

Course Description

This course is intended to provide the student with the opportunity to: 1) develop greater knowledge of the atmosphere's physical processes and 2) apply the physical laws that govern the atmosphere in various types of problems. The student will be assessed on the following course learning outcomes: quantitative reasoning (computational problems on lab and homework assignments, quizzes and exams), critical thinking (use of course information to solve a range of practical problems faced in atmospheric sciences), and the scientific method is applied to a number of atmospheric science issues in the course. This is the first required course in a sequence of courses that meteorology majors must complete.

Course Format

Classes will include lecture, group and individual in-class exercises, and question/answer sessions. Exams and announced quizzes will be based on material presented in class, homework assignments, lab assignments, and assigned readings.