GEOG 492: Hydrology


Natural Environmental Systems, Meteorology


GEOG 101 and GEOG 102, or GEOL 120; and MATH 210 or MATH 211 or MATH 229.

Course Description

Crosslisted as GEOL 492X. Quantitative examination of the properties, occurrence, distribution, and circulation of water near the earth’s surface and its relation to the environment. Emphasis on applying fundamental physical principles to understand surface and subsurface hydrological processes.

This course introduces the fundamental physical principles that are necessary to understand the occurrence, distribution, and circulation of water near the Earth's surface. A qualitative understanding of the hydrological phenomena will be enhanced by a quantitative examination of the physical processes involved in the hydrological cycle. The course will provide an introduction to hydrological processes (what, where, how, and why), data acquisition, and analysis. The purpose of the laboratory is to reinforce the principles and applications introduced in lecture and to be familiar with computer modeling tools in hydrology.

Course Objectives

  • Apply physical laws to solve basic hydrologic problems
  • use common computer modeling tools to simulate simple hydrologic processes

Course Format