GEOG 453: Environmental Management


Natural Environmental Systems, Urban Economic Systems


GEOG 101 or GEOG 253 or ENVS 302 or ENVS 303 or ENVS 304 or consent of department.

Course Description

This course provides a brief overview of environmental management, including the history of environmental management, environmental conservation, environmental law, environmental economics, and management techniques.

Course Objectives

  • Explain how historical events or time periods have shaped policies now used to manage our natural environment.
  • Understand the roles of different stakeholders in the management of the environment and the extent to which these different stakeholders have historically been included in or excluded from the management process.
  • Explain global, national, regional and local policies or management techniques are interrelated in the effective management of the environment.
  • Critically assess scientific literature or data related to key environmental issues.
  • Develop practical skills related to developing environmental management plans by working with a community partner.

Course Format

Lecture. Exams, service-learning projects, final research paper.