GEOG 432: Geography of Health


Urban Economic Systems



Course Description

Geographic dimensions of health in local and regional populations across the globe. Topics include disease ecology, infectious and chronic diseases, geographic mobility, biometeorology, nutrition, development and health, geographic disparities in health, healthcare resources and access, medical systems, concepts of health and place, therapeutic spaces, GIS, and public health. Introduction to measurement in vital statistics and surveillance data will also be examined.

Course Objectives

  • To explain the major health problems confronting the world’s populations.
  • To calculate summary measures used to evaluate population health outcomes.
  • To demonstrate basic skills with a GIS in the description, analysis, and modeling of population health outcomes.
  • To list important data and informational resources in health geography.
  • To report research findings in a poster and/or paper.
  • To compare health outcomes in different regional/national settings.
  • To explain to others why geography is important to understanding the world’s health problems and potential solutions.

Course Format

Lecture and lab.