GEOG 368: Climate Change, Impacts, and Mitigation


Meteorology, Natural Environmental Systems



Course Description

Overview of the science of climate change and an analysis of the implications of this change on societies throughout the world. Spatial dimensions of climate change will be examined from a holistic perspective, taking into account interactions between the natural and man-made environment, impacted societies and the development of economic and social policies. Social and political ramifications of climate change have become apparent as local communities in different parts of the world struggle to adapt to new patterns of urban climate, excessive rainfall, prolonged droughts and severe weather events. It is a primary objective of the course for students to be able to use understanding gained on these topics in a variety of realistic, applied situations that they may encounter in the field.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be introduced to the science of climate change, drawing attention to the latest research and evolving pattern of scientific data that has emerged on climate in recent years.
  • Understand the complex interplay between scales of climate change, world regional geography and environmental policy
  • Be exposed to the social changes and adaptations that human communities have already made and those they will have to make as the Earth’s climate continues to evolve

Course Format

The class will be conducted through online discussion of assigned readings, multimedia instructional modules, and a research report.