GEOG 322: Geography of World Plant Communities


Natural Environmental Systems



Course Description

This course aims to explore the spatial and temporal variations of vegetation communities worldwide. It will include a detailed survey of world biomes, and emphasize interrelationships between vegetation, climate and soil. We will examine long-term changes in biome extent and dominance from the Cretaceous to present, plus more recent changes in vegetation communities. The impact of human actions on plant communities will be a dominant theme in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to communicate information regarding world plant communities both orally and in writing
  • Be able to process data and information through sound quantitative reasoning regarding plants and theirenvironment
  • Be able to apply a broad, environmentally interdisciplinary perspective to learning and problem-solving inregards to the potential management of plant communities
  • Have a greater understanding of how to employ proper scientific methods and processes
  • Have a greater understanding of the interrelationships among climate, soil and biota at all spatial scales
  • Be able to critically analyze the notion of human land use and attempts at land management

Course Format

Weekly lectures, online quizzes, various homework assignments, oral presentation, term paper, midterm and final exam.