GEOG 256: Maps and Mapping





Course Description

Introduction to maps as models of our earth, tools of visualization, and forms of graphic communication. Use of satellite and aerial imagery, land surveying, and geographic information systems in map production. Thematic maps and how they are used. Map design for informational and persuasive purposes.

Course Objectives

  • describe the role of maps in geography and society
  • demonstrate basic knowledge about geospatial technologies
  • describe the role of the cartographer in the process of making maps
  • explain how map use dictates map design
  • demonstrate an understanding of how maps are constructed
  • list the different types of maps and their uses (including projections)
  • describe geographic information systems and computer mapping
  • demonstrate an understanding of spatial data structures
  • demonstrate basic skills in digital map construction and GIS operations

Course Format

Exams, labs, online discussions, and projects.