GEOG 250: Civil Surveying





Course Description

Elements of civil and engineering projects as they relate to land surveying. Planning and methods of data acquisition for topographic and landscape surveys. Elements and interpretation of engineering site plans in relation to the surveying needs. Use of imagery and 3d scanning technologies. Surveying principles and practices for roadway, utility, and building layout. Lecture, laboratory and field experience.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how geomatics contributes to civil and engineering projects.
  • Be competent in all aspects of construction staking principles and practices.
  • Understand the different methods for topographic and civil surveying map preparation.
  • Be able to interpret and utilize the information on engineering site plans.
  • Be familiar with the building processes in civil engineering projects.
  • Understand the measurement principles and standards that apply to civil surveying.

Course Format

Lecture, laboratory and field experience.