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GEOG 204 is a General Education course within the Society and Culture Knowledge Domain and is part of the Urban Economic Systems track of the undergraduate BA and BS degrees in Geography. There are no prerequisites.

What will students learn in this class?

This course is designed to introduce you to the workings of the global economy, and understanding it through the geographic perspective. We will trace the origins of the global economic system, understand how its evolution has influenced the location of human activity, and then look to the future of the global economy.

Questions we might ask in class:

  • Why do we build businesses, factories and stores where we do?
  • Why is trade necessary between regions?
  • Why is the Midwest known as the corn belt and not the wheat belt?
  • How do transportation networks develop, and what are the different ways in which they help develop urban systems?

Course format:

  • Classes are a mixture of lecture and small group work.

What students are saying about this class:

  • "As a business student this class gave me more knowledge about the global economy."
  • "Fits well with my economics (business/ finance) major."
  • "It provided a new perspective on economics I could not have had without this class."