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GEOG 202 is a General Education course within the Society and Culture Knowledge Domain and is part of the Area Studies track of the undergraduate BA and BS degrees in Geography. There are no prerequisites.

What will students learn in this class?

Geography 202 is an introduction to the geographical and historical processes that have shaped different world regions. Its focus is on the physical landscapes, cultural attributes and economic/political forces distinctive to each region, as well as the interconnectivity of these factors within the world system. The course moves through an examination of each world region (Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.) discussing the particular characteristics of each, while connecting how each relates to the others, and the whole.

Questions we might ask in class:

  • How are regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia developing in the age of globalization?
  • Why is there ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine?
  • How do repercussions from WWII and the Cold War still play out in world regions today?

Course format:

  • Lecture format with course support in BlackBoard. Evaluation methods include in-class exams, in-class quizzes, and writing assignments using geographic data and maps.

What students are saying about this class:

  • "The teacher was always well prepared and put emphasis on things we needed to know for tests."
  • "The instructor made the material relatable by incorporating current events into the lectures."
  • "Teaching style was laid back and informative."