GEOG 150: Introduction to Geomatics





Course Description

Introduction to geomatics and the basic concepts, theories, and principles pertaining to land surveying. Origins of the land surveying profession and the history and role of land surveying in the U.S. Introduction to surveying equipment and methods, the types of surveys performed by a land surveyor, and the relationship of surveying to other mapping sciences. Basic techniques and computations for measuring land characteristics, including distance, direction, elevation and area.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the various types of surveys that are performed
  • Appreciate the origins of surveying and its role in modern mapping science
  • Be competent in calculations using rectangular coordinates
  • Be familiar with accuracy and precision and their importance to measurement
  • Understand the basic types of equipment used in surveying measurement
  • Be familiar with components of construction and legal surveys
  • Understand the licensure requirements for a career in land surveying

Course Format

Lecture, laboratory and field experience.