UNIV 101/201

UNIV 101: University Experience 
UNIV 201: Transfer Experience

UNIV 101 (University Experience) and UNIV 201 (The Transfer Experience) provide an invaluable introduction to Northern Illinois University. These elective, 1-credit, 15-­week courses are designed to help new students adjust to NIU and develop the skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

Each year, between 55% and 60% of the freshman class enrolls in a UNIV 101 course. These courses have an average class size of 18 students to foster close student interaction. Approximately 225 transfer students enroll in UNIV 201 sections during the fall and spring semesters.

NIU faculty/staff members who teach the course are committed to helping first-year and transfer students succeed. Many sections have a volunteer upper-division Peer Instructor or a Graduate Student Leader.

Some of the specific topics are:

  • Locating and using NIU resources and support services
  • Navigating the university (physically and online)
  • Improving time management skills
  • Setting and reaching academic and personal goals
  • Developing effective study habits
  • Making good decisions and ethical choices
  • Fostering and maintaining relationships (family, friendships, roommates, significant others)
  • Living in a diverse, multicultural society
  • Sharpening critical thinking skills
  • Planning and preparing for your future career

Students who enroll in UNIV 101 or 201 will:

  • Make a connection with a faculty/staff member who cares about their adjustment to NIU and collegiate career.
  • Develop connections with other first-year students who are adjusting to campus life.
  • Gain an understanding of the history of NIU and campus traditions.
  • Become knowledgeable about university processes, procedures, and university resources available to support their individual academic and personal needs. Learn effective time management, note taking, and study strategies that will help students improve their academic achievement.
  • Understand the importance of setting goals (academic, career, and personal) and be able to display successful goal-setting strategies.
  • Demonstrate their ability to effectively work individually, as well as with others in a group environment. Be able to make good decisions and form healthy relationships.

Here's what former students have to say about UNIV 101/201...

"I'm glad that I was able to meet new people.  I saw different view points and reactions that I normally wouldn't see in any other class."

"UNIV will help new students feel comfortable coming to a large campus like Northern's."

"I really enjoyed the class and recommend it to any new student I meet!"