REACH Program

About the REACH Program

The REACH (Retention Effort for All in Coming Huskies) initiative is supported by First- and Second-Year Experience and the Office of Student Academic Success. The purpose of the REACH program is to reach out to first-year students via phone and assist them in their overall transition to the university.

The REACH staff consists of experienced students who are interested in helping new students successfully navigate their transition into NIU.

These student callers contact new students who are not formally engaged in NIU through other significant programming, such as the UNIV 101/201 course, Student-Faculty Links, the University Honors Program, ROTC, Intercollegiate Athletics, or the CHANCE program. While on the phone, the student callers inquire how students are doing academically and socially, answer questions and address concerns, and recommend resources.

The REACH callers always follow up with students who are experiencing difficulties, making sure they are having a better experience since the previous phone call.

REACH also keeps in contact with first-year students via e-mail at Through this e-mail account, the REACH program is able to respond to student’s questions, while helping them locate resources available at the university.

Please contact the REACH staff with any questions or concerns! We are available by phone: 815-753-0028 or e-mail