Huskies Get Connected

Huskies Get Connected

Are you looking for a way to make your experience at NIU meaningful to you? Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, or searching for something that will spark your interest on NIU's campus?

Huskies Get Connected consists of a group of undergraduate students, called Student Success Team (SST) members, working in First- and Second-Year Experience. SST members are trained in knowing all of the opportunities that are offered to students at NIU and making sure each student finds their place. They are dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of involvement through student organizations and clubs, campus employment, campus events, mentorship opportunities, and research opportunities.

Through Huskies Get Connected, students will have a chance to meet in a one on one consultation with an involved and knowledgeable peer to help them discover ways that they can get connected in a personally meaningful way at NIU.

To set up a consultation, please click here and fill out the form.

Also, if you are interested in sending an e-mail to a SST member about a certain concern and a quick response online, please click here.