Transfer 2 Transfer

Hello transfer students!

The First- and Second-Year Experience Office is starting a peer-mentoring program for transfer students. We are looking for students who have transferred to NIU within the past two years (preferably those who took the UNIV 201: Transfer Experience course) who are interested in being a volunteer mentor to a student transferring this fall. By mentoring a new transfer student, you can help him or her navigate the campus and NIU's resources so they can have a smooth transition. You will be able to meet with your mentee as often as you two would like according to what works best with your schedules. Communication by e-mail, phone, or social media is also encouraged. While your role would be most important in the first few weeks and months of the academic year, you're welcome to stay in contact as long as the relationship is mutually beneficial. 

The goal is to have all mentors and mentees matched up over the summer.  Once we have done so, we will be in contact with you with the information of your mentee. 

If you would be interested in being paired with a new NIU transfer student, please fill out the survey at this link: