“Legacy of Character” Memorial Service

Invocation by Executive Vice President Dr. Eddie Williams

Let us pray.

As we pause on this day of remembrance and reflection, we are thankful for the power of healing, for your sustaining spirit, and for an uncompromising resolve and unity.

All of these have combined so that today we have a great testimony – we’re still here. We’re thankful, for after all that we have been through, though faced with adversity, though tossed by contrary winds, though darkness came upon us and we could have easily given up or given in. We’re thankful that, after all of this, we stand today in unity with the great testimony – we’re still here.

We seek blessings upon this day and blessings upon this occasion. We ask for the continued healing and uplifting of families, students, faculty, staff, community and friends. And finally, we seek an even greater strength – yes, an even greater resolve and spirit as we pursue our quest to assure that darkness will never conquer our light.

With our memories of the past, our resolve, our hope and our faith for the future – yes, “Forward, Together Forward” shall forever be our stand. This then is our petition. This then is our prayer. Amen.

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