“Legacy of Character” Memorial Service

Closing Remarks by President John Peters

Today we remember, and we feel both loss and comfort.

Today we reflect, and continue our journey of healing.

We are older than we were one year ago; older, and perhaps wiser, but certainly changed. 

We are at once both less and more than we once were. We feel the loss of those who died, and hold their families in our hearts. We sense the pain of those who still struggle with wounds of mind and body, and understand that theirs will be a long journey.

At the same time, we are strengthened by a renewed sense of unity and purpose.  We understand as never before the value of each day and the miraculous gift of each human life.  We are warmed by the embrace of a loving community, and give thanks for those who have reached out to us.

And even as we continue our quest for understanding, we have learned that each person leaves a mark on this earth.  We are richer for having known Julianna, Ryanne, Catalina, Dan and Gayle, and we celebrate the strength of character that defined each one of them and continues to inspire each of us.

As we end our program, please rise now and join together in singing our Alma Mater.

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