Daniel Parmenter

Daniel Parmenter

Age 20
Finance major
of Westchester, IL

Daniel Parmenter was tall. Real tall.

“He was about 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5,” said Martin Smith, a friend who played intramural rugby with Parmenter. “Dan was a typical sports guy. He played football in high school. He played rugby in high school. He played intramural softball and flag football.”

“Dan was our gentle giant,” said Maria Krull, business adviser to the Northern Star, the student campus newspaper where the 20-year-old Parmenter worked as an advertising representative.

“Very nice, always somebody you could count on, smiley face, never lost his temper – just what you really want to have for a co-worker, although we don’t see each other as co-workers. We are family, and that’s why it’s so hard on the kids. They’re taking it very, very hard.”

A finance major from Westchester, Ill., Parmenter joined the Northern Star staff last April. He also was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, better known as the Pikes. And, Smith said, Parmenter enjoyed going out for a party like any college student.

But his family and friends will remember other things: his intelligence, his honesty, his common sense, his strong work ethic and his curiosity about learning new and different things.

Parmenter rose quickly at the newspaper, colleague Chris Fiordirosa said.

“He was rapidly promoted to sales rep after only a semester. He was a very hard worker,” Fiordirosa said. “He never asked questions about why he was doing anything. He was always joking, smiling in the office. He got along with everybody. We were all pretty close; everybody is pretty somber right now and still shocked.”

The Star’s students are discussing ways to memorialize their friend, Krull said. The result could become a scholarship in his name: “We want to make sure that he’s going to be here forever,” she said.

 “The mood is we lost a brother, and it’s even hard to imagine,” Krull said. “But I think they’ve decided they’re going to go on and honor him by doing so.”

In his family’s words

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