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Dr. Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg

Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg

My primary areas of study are second language acquisition and psycholinguistics. My research draws from the fields of linguistics and cognitive psychology in order to gain a deeper understanding of variation in linguistic development among adults acquiring a second language in natural settings. I employ both behavioral and neurocognitive (event-related potentials) measures of language development and processing. My research is designed to have both theoretical (models of language and learning) and practical implications (language curriculum and program design).

Dr. Karen Lichtman

Karen Lichtman

My research focuses on age effects in second language acquisition. Children are thought to learn languages effortlessly and reliably, whereas adults learn faster in the early stages of L2 acquisition but ultimately fall short of nativelike attainment. How can we explain these phenomena? I examine both learner-internal factors, such as maturationally based cognitive changes in implicit and explicit learning, and learner-external factors, such as the amount of language input and type of instruction, that could cause adults to learn languages differently from children. I am also interested in whether these differences are inevitable. This research has implications for theories of language learning, curriculum design, and language teaching for learners of different ages.

Ashley Sands

Ashley Sands

I am a Spanish major with an emphasis on Business and Translation and my minor is Japanese. I plan on studying abroad in two different countries, Argentina and Spain, in order to improve my Spanish and learn about different cultures.

Helen Spader

Helen Spader

I am a third-year student currently majoring in Spanish foreign language with a minor in Latino and Latin American studies. I am concurrently working towards obtaining my teaching license in the spring of 2017 and hope to teach Spanish to children in grades K-12. This summer, I am excited for the opportunity to study abroad in Toledo, Spain, and I hope to use what I learn in my future Spanish classroom.