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Lan-Hui Z Ryder

Lan-Hui Z Ryder

EdD, Northern Illinois University, Educational Technology, Research & Assessment
MBA, Northern Illinois University, International Marketing

MS, Northern Illinois University, Management Information System
BA, Beijing Normal University, Chinese Language & Literature

I must say, it is destiny that has led me to teaching Chinese at NIU. After two years working as a reporter for a Chinese TV station and major newspaper, followed by one year at an investment bank in Hainan, China, I came to the United States in pursuit of a business degree and planning a business career. Although I accomplished the first part, the second part finally yielded to my passions for my native language. Thus, my short-term romance with a one-year teaching job has turned into a long-term relationship.

My Chinese friends call me Lan-Hui, meaning sunshine; American friends call me Lani (short for Lan-Hui), it means a girl with flowery fragrance. Those words are so vivid to me that I can smell, feel and touch them. That is how Chinese language sounds and looks to me. I hope my students someday can truly appreciate this ancient – yet still very much alive – language the way I do.

I normally spend two months in China during the summer visiting my family. So, my dear friends and students, if you ever happen to be there as well, email me; I will surely take you to a “dumpling house” with choices of at least twenty different types of dumplings.


E-mail: Lan-Hui Z Ryder
Watson Hall 310
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