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Anne L. Birberick

Anne L. Birberick

PhD, University of Virginia, French
MA, University of Virginia, French
BA, Arizona State University, English

As a newly minted college graduate, I found myself faced with a difficult decision: study the Havasupai Indians or Victorian Literature. I settled the matter by taking some time off to work, travel, and read French. Because the last activity proved so pleasurable, I resolved to get a PhD in French literature with a specialization in the 17th century. But my love of English continued and, while still pursuing my advanced degree, I was Professeur Associé d'Anglais at the Université d'Orléans from 1986-87. In 1992, I joined the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at NIU, and I currently hold the positions of Associate Professor of French and Coordinator of the Division of French and Italian. In 2002, I accepted the position of co-editor of the French early modern monograph series and annual journal EMF: Critiques and EMF: Studies in Early Modern France (See:

Recent Publications

The Shape of Change: Essays in Early Modern Literature and La Fontaine in Honor of David Lee Rubin. Edited with Russell Ganim. Rodopi Press, 2002.

"Rewriting Curiosity: The Psyche Myth in Apuleius, La Fontaine, and d'Aulnoy." EMF: Studies in Early Modern France, Vol. 8 (2002).

Reading Undercover: Audience and Authority in Jean de La Fontaine. Bucknell UP, 1998.

Editor and Contributor, Refiguring La Fontaine: Tercentenary Essays. Rookwood Press, 1996.

Current projects and interests

Teaching 17th-century literature, Francophone women writers, French poetry, and fairy tales; beginning two book-length projects, one on the art of moral instruction (Fénélon, Racine, La Fontaine) and one on French fairy tales (d'Aulnoy and Perrault); writing a cookbook that combines recipes with stories.

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