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Mohamad Rozi Mohd Nor

Mohamad Rozi Mohd Nor

My name is Mohamad Rozi. I come from Malaysia. Bahasa Melayu, or the Malay language, is my first language. We say “Apa khabar?” in my language for “How are you?” I am a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology program in the School of Education. I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer graphic design from Wanganui School of Design, New Zealand, and a master’s degree in computer animation from the School of Film and Animation, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. I had taught graphic design and multimedia courses to college students in my home country before coming to the US. I used to work as a graphic designer for a broadcasting company in Malaysia and a printing company in the US. These two work experiences have provided me with immense knowledge and skills in multimedia and publishing areas.

Talking about my research interests, I am interested in distributed learning/cognition and the use of social networking sites for educational purposes. I find social networking sites can be a useful tool for interaction and collaboration for academic purposes in informal learning environments.

During the weekend, I like to spend time outdoors with my wife and kids. In the summer, we occasionally go fishing. Lake Shabbona is a great place for that. Bluegills are what we usually catch. I hope someday to have my own boat, truck and RV so that we can sleep over by the lake with a bonfire. If this goal is too ambitious, then Second Life can be an alternative. I also envision experiencing deep ocean fishing and whale watching someday.

Don’t forget to say “jumpa lagi” after you see me. It means, see you later!

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