Undergraduate Studies

The department offers undergraduate studies in French, German and Spanish, and minors in the areas listed below. Many of our students combine their language major with either a minor or with Teacher Licensure. The program prepares students for employment in a variety of careers: Our alums are working all over the world, in education, in banking, in tourism and in various service industries. Language proficiency has given them an edge over other applicants in this increasingly global market. Many of our students choose to pursue graduate studies at universities like Indiana University Bloomington, Vanderbilt, University of Illinois, and many others. The departmental faculty works closely with students, not only in teaching but also in research through programs such as the Undergraduate Research and Apprenticeship Program or the Undergraduate Special Opportunities in Artistry & Research Program.


Assistant Chair
(Classics, German, Russian, and Asian languages)
Professor John Bentley
(815) 753-6445, Watson Hall 120
Director of Undergraduate Studies
(French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)
Professor Linda Saborio
(815) 753-6448, Watson Hall 118

Advising Forms Undergraduate Studies

Major Checklists
BA - French Language and Literature
BA - French Business and Translation
BA - German Language and Literature
BA - German Business and Translation
BA - Spanish Language and Literature
BA - Spanish Business and Translation
Minor Checklists
Chinese Studies
Classical Studies
Japanese Studies
Latino/Latin American Studies
Southeast Asian Studies

Current Undergraduate Catalog - Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures