On Campus Resources - NIU - Financial Cents



dogOn Campus Resources

These on-campus resources are a great way to get many of your questions and concerns answered.  Included is a quick list of ways that each office can help you. 

Course Offerings Relevant to Financial Literacy:

Office of Student Academic Success

  • Offers programs to help you succeed as a college student
  • Student Support Specialists help you find resources, provide campus referrals, and provide support to ensure student success
  • Provides support and offers solutions to students needing help in various aspects of college life

Bursar's Office

  • Paying tuition and fees
  • Adding funds to Huskie Bucks
  • Difficulties in paying tuition
  • Estimating the cost of tuition and fees
  • Information on payment due dates
  • Questions on the methods of payment
  • Refund check inquiries
  • Setting up direct deposit for receiving refunds

Student Financial Aid Office

    • Assistance with filling out your FAFSA
    • Estimating cost of attending college
    • The types of financial aid
    • How to obtain financial aid
    • Questions about the financial aid process

Scholarship Office

  • Information on NIU-based scholarships
  • Assistance in looking for external, corporate, orcommunity scholarships
  • Guidance on how to successfully apply forscholarships

Military Student Services

  • Processing VA provided educational benefits
  • Detailed information on grants and scholarshipsspecific to veterans
  • Adjusting and updating your VA educational benefits when you change your major or class schedule
  • Maximizing your benefits with (if applicable) theIllinois Veteran Grant, Illinois National Guard Grant, or MIA/POW educational benefit provisions

Student Employment Office

  • Student employment job searches
  • Communication with hiring departments on andoff campus
  • Employee relations
  • Student employment training programs
  • Work-Study Program
  • Administration of all student employment functions/academic issues

Career Services

  • Your job search
  • Career counseling
  • Browsing career exploration and job search books
  • Scheduling a mock interview
  • Writing a resume or cover letter
  • Preparing for a career fair

Students' Legal Assistance

  • Disputes with landlords
  • Termintating a lease contract
  • Non-NIU students roomates failing to fulfill rent obligation
  • Handling debt collectors
  • Illegal treatment from an employer

Office of the Ombudsman

  • Academic issues
  • Incivility
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Cultural conflicts
  • Instructor/Student misunderstanding
  • Grade appeal procedures
  • Financial concerns
  • Housing issues
  • Supervisor/employee relations
  • Privacy issues
  • Roommate concerns
  • Parking problems
  • Workplace issues
  • Unethical behavior
  • Interpersonal communications
  • And many others