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Peer Educator Opportunities

We are looking for hardworking, creative thinkers and enthusiastic individuals who would like to be a part of Financial Cents and our financial literacy efforts.  Limited scholarships, internships and volunteer experiences are available each semester for undergraduate and graduate students.  Being a part of this program will enhance your college experience and prepare you for a competitive job market.  Getting involved with Financial Cents as a Peer Educator will help develop leadership skills, put your classroom learning into practice, work in a team setting, provide peers with essential knowledge, and build your resume.  Here are some specific opportunities that you may experience as a Peer Educator:

  • Create and present financial workshops and presentations on NIU campuses
  • Assist with the preparation and implementation of financial programming
  • Aid in the development and expansion of the financial cents program
  • Promote Financial Cents throughout the NIU community
  • Develop and implement an effective marketing plan for the program
  • Host informational booths pertaining to various Financial Cents projects
  • Travel to local schools to educate K-12 students on workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy

Fill out an application, and submit it to the Office of Student Academic Success in the Academic Advising Center Room 113