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Northern Illinois University Your Future, Our Focus Northern Illinois University Your Future, Our Focus

Applications in Engineering

Technologists learn applications and theory needed in industry today

The Department of Technology in the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology is dedicated to developing students who can help industry fill the vast need for individuals who can bridge theory and practice.

Technology Machining LabTechnology majors at NIU focus on how to apply engineering, mathematics, science, and technical management skills to real-world problems. They learn to use that knowledge to design, develop, manage, operate, and maintain complex technological systems.

Nearly every course in the curriculum includes opportunities for hands-on lab work, including classes that teach fundamental engineering skills such as:

  • Electronics
  • Machining technology
  • Computer-aided modelling
  • Materials and manufacturing processes.

The Department of Technology maintains nine unique laboratories dedicated to areas ranging from automation and fluid power to plastics and numerical machining and you learn from dedicated faculty with years of experience, both in industry and in the classroom.

In the Department of Technology you can select areas of emphasis including:

  • Manufacturing engineering technology
  • Electrical engineering technology
  • Energy and environmental technology

The Department also maintains a unique program in industrial management and technology, in which you can tailor a unique educational experience by selecting a concentration in electronics, computer-aided design, manufacturing or environmental health and safety. All of our programs have been developed through input from our regional industrial partners. In addition, all of our programs are accredited by national accrediting bodies; ABET and ATMAE.

Internship and Career Opportunities for Engineering Students

Technology Power Systems LabWhile enrolled, you can benefit from a variety of support services within the college, including tutoring support as well as college and departmental scholarships. There are internships that allow you to work while earning course credit, and opportunities to meet and be mentored by alumni who work for a broad range of companies throughout the region.

The goal of the Department is to develop students who are well-educated and equipped to step into jobs at both large and small companies. The combination of theoretical and hands-on learning we provide will allow you to graduate with an understanding of the most current applications and theoretical skills in demand across the country. Our graduates are prepared to excel in industry from Day 1 and have knowledge that can help them quickly move into management roles.

To learn more, check out the Department of Technology website.