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Updated 10/7/14

New Walks, Stairs, etc. Backfill and Seed 5/20/14 8/31/14
All Campus Grounds/Trades to straighten, post and chain, street signs, garbage cans, urns, shrubs, etc. 6/26/14 Near completion
Campus Wide Misc. Landscaping 6/16/14 9/1/14
Campus Wide Tree removal 6/16/14 9/25/14
Monsanto Extend bushes to camouflage DX units along Route 23 8/15/14 9/30/14
Still Quadrangle Remodel Quadrangle - planning & design
Campus Wide Bench replacements 6/16/14 8/31/14
Campus Wide Trash Receptacles along the orientation path 5/12/14 8/31/14
Montgomery Woods Split rail fence (includes installation) 9/29/14 10/30/14
West Campus Cow paths (New Residence Hall) 6/24/14 Complete
West Campus Repair dog houses (Stadium) 5/12/14 Complete
Davis Hall Enclosures for dumpsters (order sample) 8/4/14 Complete
Campus Wide Remove all low hanging branches (6' and lower) on all pines and replace soils and sod as needed. 5/12/14 9/1/14
East Lagoon East side of lagoon and north along the Kish River (for landscape repair from lighting project)(safety) 5/12/14 8/31/14
Montgomery Hall Benches need pads poured and to be anchored 5/12/14 Complete