Technology Online Readiness Checklist

1. Do you have a computer at home or work you will have access to at least six hours a week for working on course assignments (including some weekend time)?
2. Do you have high-speed Internet access with this computer? (Strongly recommended but not required).
3. Is your computer a Pentium IV or higher with at least 512 mg RAM? (Or Mac equivalent?)
4. Do you have Windows 2000 or XP as your operating system? (Or Mac equivalent?)
5. Can you participate in online chat on this computer without interference from a firewall?
6. Do you have PowerPoint and Word (version 2000 or higher) OR viewers for this software? (Viewers are a free download).
7. Do you have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher as your default browser?
8. Do you have Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher? (Free download).
9. Do you have a new version of Java (2 rel1.4.1_03)? New versions can be downloaded free.
10. Does the computer have Real Player? The newest version (10.5) can be downloaded free.
11. Is your virus protection up to date?
12. Have you downloaded anti-Spyware software to protect against unwanted applications being downloaded onto your computer?


To test your system for online readiness, login to

Click "Is Your Computer Ready" and get a report on several of the above requirements and whether your computer passes the recommendations for online study.