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Board of Trustees Professor Seminar

Scholarly Witchcraft: Research and Mentoring In and Out of the Classroom

Dr. Christine Worobec
Dr. Christine Worobec

Dr. Christine Worobec
Board of Trustees Professor
Distinguished Research Professor
Department of History

The NIU Board of Trustees Professorship emphasizes the tight relationship between cutting edge research and its impact upon students. In this inaugural Board of Trustees Professorship Seminar Christine Worobec, a Distinguished Research Professor and Board of Trustees Professor, will talk about the ways in which she infuses the classroom with the latest results of her research both in terms of the strategies she has employed in coursework as well as publishing.

Dr. Worobec will also speak about mentoring not only NIU undergraduate and graduate students, but also graduate students and junior faculty in North America and Europe in her highly interdisciplinary field of Slavic Studies.

Finally, Dr. Worobec will talk about an exciting collaborative and international project (sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Paris) with which she is involved. That project focuses upon the dissemination of the latest research and primary documents on witchcraft among the Eastern Slavs at the dawn of the modern era among both the scholarly community and students.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Capitol Room, Holmes Student Center
11:30 am—12:00 pm, Refreshments
12:00 pm—1:00 pm, Presentation and Q&A

No registration is required—Everyone is welcome!

Office of the Provost
Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center

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