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Learner-centered Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Feedback = Student Success

Workshop by Amy Driscoll, Ph.D., Consulting Scholar with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Senior Scholar at Portland State University

Thursday, January 7, 2010
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sky Room, Holmes Student Center


Amy Driscoll
Amy Driscoll

This workshop will integrate components of curriculum pedagogy and assessment with research on learner-centered education such as service learning, collaborative learning, project-based approaches, and learning outcome-based assessment. Examples and models of practice will be provided and learner-centered processes will be tailored for immediate use within a collaborative faculty/staff community directed to student success. Faculty are invited to bring their syllabus and program materials to apply a lens of learner-centeredness to the curriculum content, the pedagogical strategies, and assessment approaches used to promote student success in their courses and programs.

In 2005, Dr. Amy Driscoll coordinated development of the Carnegie classification for Community Engagement and in 2006 and 2008, she coordinated the Carnegie classification of 197 universities/colleges as community engaged institutions. At Portland State University, she is a collaborator on a Partnership Initiative. Dr. Driscoll was former Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at California State University Monterey Bay. Previously, Amy Driscoll was the Director of Community/University Partnerships at Portland State University, where she initiated community-based learning and community capstones.

Dr. Driscoll has mentored more than 60 institutions in institutionalization of community engagement and has served as the Co-Director of the East/West Clearinghouse and National Review Board for the Scholarship of Engagement. Her numerous publications include Making Outreach Visible: A Guidebook to Documenting Professional Service; Assessing Service Learning, Taking Ownership of Accreditation: Processes That Promote Institutional Improvement and Faculty Engagement; and From Outcomes-based Assessment to Learner-centered Education, “Tracing the Scholarship of Engagement through My Professional Memoirs” in Faculty Priorities Reconsidered. The tentative schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Tentative Workshop Outline:

Morning Session
8:00 am
Check-in and refreshments
8:25 am
Welcome and introductions
8:30 am
Overview and rationale of learner-centeredness and its impact on students

What constitutes student success at Northern Illinois University and at a national level?
10:00 am
Refreshment Break
10:15 am
Research-supported elements of curriculum and pedagogy within the context of our syllabus

Strengths of planning for learner-centeredness and opportunities to expand and increase student success
12:00 pm
Lunch in Blackhawk Cafeteria
Afternoon Session
1:00 pm
Elements of learner-centered assessment and feedback approaches for understanding how they support student learning

Affirm or revise syllabi to enhance support through assessment and feedback strategies
2:30 pm
Refreshment Break
2:45 pm
Transfer ideas of learner-centered pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment to programs for continued support of student success

Analyze the university environment for qualities of learner-centeredness for all--faculty, staff, and students
4:00 pm
Wrap-up, evaluation and certificate presentation


Office of Assessment Services
Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center

Registration Information:

The workshop is open only to NIU faculty, TA’s, and staff. Participants will receive workshop materials, lunch and a certificate of participation. Advanced registration is required. Please fill out the form below to register for this workshop . Due to the expensive nature of the program and the advance notice needed for arranging food and materials, please register by the deadline and plan to attend the entire workshop.

Registration Deadline: December 15, 2009 . After you register, if you are unable to attend, please inform the Center by January 4, 2010 so that those on the waiting list can be given the opportunity to attend the workshop or program costs could be reduced.

Please complete the form below to register.

Faculty/Staff Registration Form:

Registration is closed for this program.

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