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Fall 2009 Teaching Effectiveness Institute

Teaching Strategies to Help First-Year Students Do Their Best

Connie Staley , Ph.D.
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Friday, August 14, 2009
8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Capitol Room, Holmes Student Center


Many of today's first-year students enter college expecting to work hard and do well. But soon thereafter, they may settle for less. Mediocrity may not only become the norm, but the goal for some. Lowering their sights helps them willingly accept B's and C's, or even D's, because A's take so much time and effort. According to recent NSSE and CSSE results, many new students accept disengagement over engagement and less academic investment over more. When faced with a demanding course, the easiest solution is often to give up or change majors. What can those of us who value higher learning do to help students with lower expectations dig in and grapple with the challenge? How can we raise the bar? This workshop will explore these complex issues and generate innovative teaching strategies to counteract them. .

Tentative Agenda

  Morning Session   Afternoon Session
Check-in and Refreshments
Summarizing Ideas from 50 Ways to Leave Your Lecturn
Building a Research Base: The Characteristics of Today's Students from a Variety of Perspectives
Designing Specific Hands-on Teaching Strategies for Kisesthetic Learners
Refreshment Break
Refreshment Break
Understanding General Principles of Engagement and Disengagement
Balancing Challenge and Support: Best Practices in Teaching
Introducing Initial Teaching Strategies that Generate Motivation and Engagement
Presentation of Certificates and Institute Evaluation

About Connie Staley

Connie Staley
Connie Staley

Constance Staley is Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  Her most recent books include the publication of a ten-module faculty training package, Teaching College Success (1999), a hands-on resource book for faculty; 50 Ways to Leave Your Lectern (2003); and three first-year seminar textbooks: FOCUS on College Success (2009); FOCUS on College Success, Concise (2010); and FOCUS on Community College Success (2010, Cengage Learning/Wadsworth). Dr. Staley frequently delivers keynote addresses, leads teaching workshops for faculty from a variety of disciplines, and helps institutions across the country develop and refine their first-year seminar programs.

Registration Information

This workshop is open only to NIU faculty and staff. Registered participants will receive workshop materials, lunch and refreshments, and a certificate of participation. Advanced registration is required. Please register early.

Due to the expensive nature of the program and the advance notice needed for arranging food and materials, please register by the deadline and plan to attend the entire workshop. After you register, if you are unable to attend, please inform the Center by Monday, August 10, 2009 so that those on the waiting list can be given the opportunity to attend or program costs can be reduced.

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 24, 2009

Registration is closed for this program.

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