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Faculty Development Grants

Call for Proposals for January - June 2009
Faculty Development Grants

Description: Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center offers a limited number of grants up to $2,000 each annually to regular, continuing tenured or tenure-track faculty. The purpose of these grants is to support new learning related to curriculum, course design or research and scholarly activities that are unique to the responsibilities of tenured or tenure-track faculty positions. Proposed development activities must be to attend or arrange workshops or training programs that benefit applicants’ departments, and must not be available at NIU.

Deadline for Submission: Five (5) copies (the signed original and four copies) of each proposal including the proposal cover sheet, letters of support from the applicant’s chair and the dean, and other supporting documents must be submitted to the Grant Review Sub-Committee of the Faculty Development Advisory Committee, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center, Northern Illinois University by Friday, November 7, 2008 for activities proposed between January 1 and June 30, 2009.

Eligibility Criteria: All regular continuing tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply. Faculty retiring during the funding period are not eligible to apply. Proposals can be submitted by individual faculty or jointly by a group of faculty. Academic units can also submit proposals for grants to seek support for faculty development projects that benefit a large group of faculty in their units or several units. However, more than one application from the same unit for the same development activity will not be considered. All proposals must indicate a commitment of at least equal matching (that is, at least half of the total budget) support in cash or in-kind contributions (relevant to the proposed project) from the department, college, or appropriate external sources. Each grant request can be only for a maximum of $2,000 during a fiscal year and the awarded grant funds must be spent by the 6-month deadline for each grant cycle. Actual number of grants and amounts awarded may depend on FY09 budget allocations to the Center.

Proposal Requirements: Proposals should not exceed five (5) typed or printed pages (single or double-spaced in 10-point or higher typeface) in length, excluding bibliographies, letters of support, or attachments, if any. Details of the proposed project should be organized under the following sections:

Proposal cover sheet: (explained below)

Project Description: Describe the need for the proposed development project, objectives of the project, description of activities, and an explanation of why the proposed project requires funding from the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.

Project Benefits: Explain the short term and long term benefits of the proposed project to your teaching, course or curricular development, and to your academic unit, college, or NIU. Explain how these benefits will be measured and reported back to your academic unit and to the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.

Project Schedule: List all activities related to the proposed development project and the timeline for completing each activity. Projects funded for development activities scheduled between January and June must be completed by December 31 st of the same year. Projects funded for activities scheduled between July and December of a year must be completed by June 30 th of the following calendar year. Project reports should be submitted by the completion dates.

Proposed Budget: Provide an itemized budget for the entire project and list dollar estimates of each budget item. Explain which budget items related to the project will be covered by cash or in-kind matching support from your department, college, or appropriate external sources, and which budget items will require funding from this grant. Matching contributions should be related to the project and essential for completing project activities. If the activity involves attending a workshop or a training program, a copy of the brochure showing the details of the workshop or training program and the associated costs must be attached to each copy of the proposal.

Letters of support: Attach letters of support from the department chair and college dean indicating support for the project and a commitment of equal matching support in cash or in-kind contributions necessary for completing the proposed development activity.

Other requirements: At the end of the project completion period (as explained under Project Schedule ), each grant recipient is required to submit a final report through an online form explaining how the project objectives were met. The online form will require recipients to describe briefly the project, its implementation details, outcomes and benefits. Grant recipients will be emailed the Web site for the online form to submit the required information.

Grant funds can be used only for registration or speaker fees and travel costs for attending or arranging training programs or workshops for faculty. Grant funds cannot be awarded for salaries, tuition fees, equipment or software purchases, or society membership fees. Expenses related to taking courses, sabbatical projects, presenting research, or attending conferences are ineligible for funding. More than one grant application from an academic unit will not be funded to attend the same faculty development activity as grant recipients are expected to share their new learning with their colleagues and their academic units. Applications from faculty who received grants for a cycle may receive lower priority for the following cycle/year.

Receipts must be submitted for expenses to be reimbursed and in some cases it may be possible to pay registration fees directly to program sponsors or reimburse travel expenses such as airfare before attending a development activity. Funds will be available only during the fiscal year during which a project is funded. In some cases, grant requests may be partially funded due to budget constraints and other considerations.

Grant proposals are reviewed and ranked by the Grant Review Subcommittee of the Faculty Development Advisory Committee consisting of faculty members and not by the staff of the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. Applicants are strongly recommended to discuss their proposal ideas with their department chairs and college deans before preparing their proposals. Applicants are encouraged to check the Faculty Development Grants website at http://www.niu.edu/facdev/grants/fdgrant.shtml for grant guidelines, sample proposal, slides on proposal preparation, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Proposal Cover Sheet: The following information must be prepared on a separate page and attached as cover sheet to the proposal:

Northern Illinois University
Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
Faculty Development Grant Application

Applicant's Name : _____________________________________________________________

Department/Division : __________________________________________________________

Academic Rank/Position
: ______________________________________________________

Office Telephone : ____________ Office Fax : ____________ E-mail : _______________

Title of Proposed Project : ______________________________________________________

Abstract of the Proposed Project (not more than 5 lines):

Time Frame for Completing the Project (from/to): ___________________________________

Dates of Faculty Development Funding During the Past 3 years : ______________________

Applicant's Signature : ___________________________________ Date : _____________

Department Chair's Signature : ____________________________ Date : _____________

College Dean's Signature : ___________________________________ Date : _____________

Attachments (check five copies of all items below attached):

 __ Proposal organized under the sections as indicated in the guidelines 

__ Letter of support from the chair (indicating equal matching contributions)

 __ Letter of support from the dean 

__ Copy of brochure describing details of the workshop or training program applicant plans to attend and the associated costs

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