CSA Biographies

Chris KomosChris Komos, percussion

Chris Komos (apprentice 1) is an undergraduate student at NIU, where he is working on a degree in music education. He is a graduate of the College of DuPage, where he received his associate’s degree in music. He studies with Professors Greg Beyer, Robert Chappell, and Mike Mixtacki. Chris is a member of the NIU World Steelband, Wind Ensemble, and various other ensembles. He has mentored and worked with the Streamwood High School Drumline in spring 2012. He teaches lessons to several students and is proficient in drum set, tabla, mallets, and various other percussion instruments and musical styles. He is the drummer for two bands, "I'm Sorry, What" and "The Savants." His last semester as a teacher is fall 2013.