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Results for last names that begin with W:
David WalkerAssociate Professor Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Carol WaltherAssistant Professor Sociology
John WaltonAssociate Professor Law
Norman WalzerResearch Associate Center for Governmental Studies
Mary WangAssistant Professor Music
Artemus WardAssociate Professor Political Science
Kelly Wesener MichaelAssistant Vice President Student Affairs Housing and Dining
Eric WeyenbergRecruiting OPS Military Science
Karen WhitePsychology Clinical Director Psychology
Brent WholebenProfessor/Director of REPS Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Katharine WiegeleInstructor Anthropology
Virginia Wilcox-GokProfessor & Department Chair Economics
Elizabeth WilkinsProfessor Teaching and Learning
Philippe WillemsAssociate Professor of French Foreign Languages and Literatures
Eddie WilliamsEx VP/Chief of Operations Finance and Facilities
Janie Wilson-CookInstruc Comm Programmer II Art
Harry WirthProfessor Art
Peng-Yung WooProfessor Electrical Engineering
Kerith WoodyardAssistant Professor Communication
Ronnie WootenProfessor Music
Daniel WunschAssociate Dean Management
Mikel WyckoffAssistant to the Chair Political Science

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