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Results for last names that begin with T:
Robert TataraAssociate Professor Technology
David TaylorPresidential Teaching Prof./Dir. of Skill Training Law
Connie TeaberryHead Coach of Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Intercollegiate Athletics
Liam TeagueAssociate Professor Music
Tharaphi ThanAssistant Professor Foreign Languages and Literatures
Lynne ThomasAst. Prof, Rare Bk & Spec Coll Library University Libraries
Kendall ThuChair Anthropology
Kurt ThurmaierProfessor/Director Public Administration Public Administration
Donald TidrickProfessor Accountancy
Toni TollerudProfessor Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Francis TrankinaAssociate Professor Art
Tim TrottierAsst Dir of Facilities and Operations Housing and Dining
Donna TurnerAssoc. Director of Communications Intercollegiate Athletics

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