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Results for last names that begin with J:
Stacy JacksonProgram Administrative Assistant Health and Human Sciences
Trudy JacobsenAssistant Professor History
H. Joel JeffreyProfessor Computer Science
Gerald JensenProfessor Finance
Jorge JeriaProfessor Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Mitrick JohnsAssociate Professor Biological Sciences
Anne Petty JohnsonExternal Programming Director Liberal Arts and Sciences
Eric JohnsonProfessor Music
James JohnsonProfessor Finance
Sarah Johnston-RodriguezAssociate Professor Teaching and Learning
Christopher JonesAssociate Vice Provost University Honors Political Science
Eric JonesAssociate Professor History
Holly JonesAssistant professor Biological Sciences
Robert JonesAssociate Professor Law
Jane JordanAssociate Director for Client Services Student Financial Aid

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