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Results for last names that begin with H:
Tom HaapojaDirector Applied Business Research Center
Deborah HaliczerDirector of Employee Relations Human Resource Services
Janice HamletCoordinator for Academic Diversity Programs and As Communication; Provost's Office
Jason HannaAssistant Professor Philosophy
Rebecca J. HannaganAssociate Professor Political Science
Susan HansfieldAsst. AD, Facilities/Game Operations/Camps Intercollegiate Athletics
Fareed HaqueAssociate Professor Music
Brian HargerResearch Associate Governmental Studies
Rebecca HarlowAsst. Dir., Parents Assoc,/Volunteerism Student Affairs
Brian HartAssociate Professor of Music History Music
Reza HashemianProfessor Electrical Engineering
John HatmakerInstructor Music
Denise HaymanDirector of CHANCE CHANCE Program
Jeffrey HechtAssociate Dean Education, College of
David HedinProfessor Physics
Cindy (Ellen) HendersonExecutive Director Career Services
Donald HendersonDirector Students' Legal Assistance Office
Michael HendersonInstructor Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Todd henertDirector of Police Operations Public Safety
Mary Beth HenningAssociate Professor Teaching and Learning
David HenningsenAssociate Professor Communication
Melissa Henriksenresearch associate Governmental Studies
Beverly HenryAssociate Professor Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences
George HenryAssistant Chair Computer Science
Patricia HenryAssociate Professor Foreign Languages and Literatures
Manuel HernandezAssoc. Professor, Metals and Jewelry Art
Greg HerringAssistant Athletics Director Intercollegiate Athletics
Judith HertzAssociate Professor Nursing & Health Studies
Gregory HippHead Coach Cross Country Athletics
Bradley HoeyDirector, Communications and Marketing Communications & Marketing
Kim HofferSpeech Pathologist I Speech and Hearing Clinic
Eric (Charles) HoffmanComp Asst Inst in English Cord English
Oliver HofstetterAssociate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rich HollyDean Music; Visual and Performing Arts
Molly HolmesDirector Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center
Janet HoltProfessor Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Rich (George) HoltProfessor Communication
Dale HoppeDirector Lorado Taft Field Campus
Narayan S. HosmaneDistinguished Research Professor & Inaugural Board Chemistry and Biochemistry
Minmei HouAssistant Professor Computer Science
Charles HowellChair Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Christopher HubbardAssociate Professor Biological Sciences
Kathy HubbardProperties Director/Instructor Theatre and Dance

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