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Results for last names that begin with C:
Kate CadyAssociate Professor Communication
Edward CallaryProfessor English
Carl CampbellChair Economics
Charles CappellAssociate Professor Sociology
Chris CargerProfessor Literacy Education
Jon CarnahanProfessor and Chair Chemistry and Biochemistry
Paul CarpenterProfessor/Chair Kinesiology and Physical Education
Philip CarpenterProfessor Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Amanda CarrierMarketing Specialist Engineering and Engineering Technology
Robert CarterInstructor Teaching and Learning
Ronald CarterProfessor Music
Bill CassidyAssociate Professor Communication
Ricardo CastaƱedaApplied Artist Music
Nancy CastleProfessor Health and Human Sciences
Rodney CaughronAssociate Professor Kinesiology, Nutrition and Physical Education
Dhiman ChakrabortyProfessor/Graduate Studies Director Physics
David ChangnonProfessor Geography
Gary ChenAssociate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering
Xuwei ChenAssistant Professor Geography
Sim ChinAssociate Director of International Admissions International Student & Faculty Office
Judith ChitwoodProfessor Theatre and Dance
Jeffrey ChownDistinguished Teaching Professor Communication
Natalie ChurykAssociate Professor Accountancy
James CieslaProfessor Public and Community Health
Lori ClarkDirector, State and Federal Relations University Relations
Michael ClarkAssistant Professor Political Science
Alan ClemensInstructor Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Aline ClickDirector Outreach
Nicole CliftonAssociate Professor English
B. Douglas ClintonProfessor Accountancy
Kenton ClymerProfessor History
James CohenAsst. Prof Literacy Education
Kathleen L. ColesAssociate Professor Law
Brian CollerAssociate Professor Mechanical Engineering
C. Jeff CompherAssoc. VP, Director of Athletics Intercollegiate Athletics
Sarah (Sally) ConklinProfessor Nursing & Health Studies
Mark CordesProfessor Law
Sabryna CornishAssistant Professor Communication
Glenda CosenzaAssociate Professor Music
Rena CotsonesAssistant VP of Regional Engagement Community Relations
George CoutrakonAssociate Professor Physics
Cassandra CrawfordAssistant Professor Sociology
Winifred CreamerProfessor Anthropology
Bradrick CripeAssistant Professor Accountancy
Paul CulhaneProf. Emeritus of Public Admin. Public Administration; Politics
Steven CunninghamVice President for Admin and Human Resour Human Resource Services

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