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Results for History
Valerie GarverAssociate Professor History; Medieval Society
Anita M. AndrewAssociate Professor China
Eric JonesAssociate Professor Gender Identity; History; Southeast Asia
Sundiata DjataProfessor Africa; African Americans
Aaron FoglemanProfessor History
Eric MogrenAssociate Professor Environmental Issues; Physics
Barbara PosadasProfessor Chicago; History; Philippines; Southeast Asia; Women
James SchmidtAssistant Chair History
J. Harvey SmithAssociate Professor Agriculture
Sean FarrellAssociate Professor England; History; Ireland
Kathryn MaleyTeacher Certification Advisor History; Teaching
Heide FehrenbachProfessor Europe; History; War
Trudy JacobsenAssistant Professor Asia; History; Southeast Asia
Amanda LittauerAssistant Professor Gender; History; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues; Sexuality
Brian SandbergAssociate Professor Europe; France; Gender Identity; History; Italy; Military; Religion; Violence; War
Rosemary FeurerAssociate Professor Labor
E. Taylor AtkinsProfessor History; Japan; Popular Culture
J.D. BowersAssoc Professor and Assoc Vice Provost Genocide; History; Human Rights
Kenton ClymerProfessor History; International Relations; Southeast Asia

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