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Results for Sociology
Diane RodgersAssociate Professor Science & Technology; Social Movements
Charles CappellAssociate Professor Crime; Law; Sociology
Keri BurchfieldAssociate Professor Crime; Sexual Assault; Violence
Fred MarkowitzAssociate Professor Crime; Mental Health
J. Kirk MillerChair Crime; Law; Police
Jeffrey KidderAssistant Professor Culture; Sociology
Robin MoremenAssociate Professor Death and Dying; Health Care Issues; Women
Cassandra CrawfordAssistant Professor Feminism; Gender Identity; Medicine; Science, Technology & Health
Abu BahAssociate Professor Africa; Democracy; Ethnic Groups; International Relations; Politics
Kerry FerrisAssociate Professor Celebrities; Popular Culture
Shane SharpAssistant Professor Psychology; Religion
Fred MarkowitzAssociate Professor Crime; Mental Health; Violence
Carol WaltherAssistant Professor Ethnic Groups; Gender Identity; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues
Kristen MyersAssoc. Professor and Director of Women's Studies Diversity; Ethnic Groups; Gender Identity; Sexuality
Kristopher RobisonAssistant Professor Globalization; Internet; Terrorism
Mike EzellAssistant Professor, Director of Undergrad Studies Crime

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