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Results for Political Science
Andrea BonnicksenProfessor Biomedical Policy; Cloning; Ethics; Politics
Christopher JonesAssociate Vice Provost University Honors Foreign Policy; Homeland Security; Military; Terrorism
John PetersPresident Politics
Matthew StrebChair Politics
Brendon SwedlowAssociate Professor Politics
Danny UngerAssociate Professor Politics
Mikel WyckoffAssistant to the Chair Elections; Government; Politics
Artemus WardAssociate Professor Law; Politics; Supreme Court
Shweta MoorthyAssistant Professor Politics
Rebecca J. HannaganAssociate Professor Gender; Military; Politics; Psychology
Michael BuehlerAssistant Professor Politics; Southeast Asia
Scot SchraufnagelAsst. Prof/Graduate Studies Director Elections; Politics; U.S. Congress; U.S. Presidency
Michael ClarkAssistant Professor Politics; Voting

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