Experts Guide

Name: David Maki
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Music
Office Phone: 815-753-7699
Expertise: David Maki joined the theory and composition faculty in the fall of 2002. In 1996, he earned an M.A. in composition from the University of Iowa, where he was active as a performer of new music, premiering many student works, as well as serving as pianist for the University of Iowa Center for New Music, the University of Iowa Philharmonic, and the Cedar Rapids Symphony. In 1996, he accepted a position on the faculty of Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where he taught undergraduate music theory and aural skills. In 2003, Dr. Maki earned his D.M.A. in composition from the University of Michigan, where he was a Regents Fellow in Music.
Topics: Music
Last Updated: 5/3/2010