Experts Guide

Name: Heide Fehrenbach
Title: Professor
Department: History
Office Phone: 815-753-0312
Expertise: Fehrenbach's specialty is modern European cultural and social history, with particular focus on Germany. Publications include essays on film, gender, race, and identity, as well as three books: Race After Hitler: Black Occupation Children in Postwar Germany and America (Princeton, 2005); Cinema in Democratizing Germany: Reconstructing National Identity after Hitler (Chapel Hill, 1995); and Transactions, Transgressions, Transformations: American Culture in Western Europe and Japan (New York, 2000). Her current work includes two projects: a collaborative book project tentatively titled After the Racial State: Difference and Democracy in Postwar Germany, and a single-authored study of child rescue initiatives, international adoptions, and the emergence of children's rights in wartime and post-World War II Europe.
Topics: EuropeHistoryWar
Last Updated: 10/7/2008