Experts Guide

Name: Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb
Title: Professor
Department: Electrical Engineering
Office Phone: (815)753-8570
Expertise: Dr. Abdel-Motaleb's areas of expertise include: nanotechnology (nanostructures devices, sensors, and growth of nanostructure materials); design and fabrication of ultrananocrystalline diamond electronic devices; characterization of Gallium Nitride material; Material growth and characterization of Zinc Selenide using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technique; Fabrication and characterization of GaAs devices and integrated circuits; Modeling for Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors for circuit simulation CAD tools; Nonquasi-static modeling of MESFETs, MODFETs, HBTs, quantum well HEMTs, and other Heterojunction devices; Design and fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Dr. Abdel-Motaleb is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE); Senior Member of the IEEE; Regional Editor for IEEE EDS News Letters, Region 1; and a Member of the American Society for Engineering Education. He teaches courses on electrical circuits, VLSI, junior level semiconductor, senior level semiconductor courses, biomedical sensors, fabrication of devices, and senior design projects.
Topics: NanotechnologyElectrical Engineering
Last Updated: 12/9/2009