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Name: Rebekah Kohli
Title: Instructional Resource Associate
Department: Women's Studies
Office Phone: 815-753-1044
Expertise: Rebekah Kohli graduated with a M.A. in Art History and a graduate certificate in Women's Studies from NIU in 2003. While she was working toward her master's degree, she served as a graduate teaching assistant for the Women's Studies Program for two years. After graduating, she was hired by Waubonsee Community College to design and teach a new art history course, "Women in Art." Since then, she has taught art history courses at NIU, Waubonsee and the College of DuPage. Her research interests include the history of Western women's art, the history of feminist art in the United States, feminist theory, and feminist pedagogy.
Topics: ArtWomen
Last Updated: 3/28/2013